A Military Wedding

There is just something that hits me hard about a military wedding.  When I first met this bride and groom I was struck by how happy they were.  The bride's parents joined us and it was obvious how proud they were of their soon to be son-in-law, the Marine, and of their daughter who had chosen well.  Throughout the meeting there were hints of the sacrifices they have made for their country.  Something I appreciate deeply, but have no clue what that must really be like.  I almost lost it when they spoke of the carpet they wanted to stand on for the ceremony.  A carpet the groom brought back from a tour in Afghanistan.  

cover photo.jpg

I instantly knew I wanted to work with this family and I wanted to make their flowers spectacular.  It was a fall wedding so I knew we had to get dahlias from Don's Dahlias, a gifted grower in Leesburg, VA.  Don and mother nature delivered.  On the day of the wedding we arrived at the Marine Barracks in DC with a truck load of arrangements and bouquets filled with the most gorgeous dahlias and fall flowers.  We drove up to the iron gates through security and onto the immaculately manicured property.  I walked up to the Commandant's home to deliver the bridal party flowers and was met by the groom who seemed calm.  The home is elegant, pristine and historic and feels very serious.  You can't help but to stand a little straighter while in this house.  The bride looked so beautiful and seemed to be bursting with excitement.    She loved the flowers!  Mission accomplished!  Enjoy these incredible images by John A Gessner Photography